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There are many obstacles to overcome before landing that desired dream job. It requires persuasive resumes to open the door, proficient phone interview skills to score in-house interviews, and the adroitness to avoid the looming pitfalls inherent in personal interviews.

Resume Mechanics ™ offers you the tools to make it through even the most challenging hiring process and come out a winner. We will show you how to avoid the ‘Resume Black Hole’ where 75% of resume submissions irretrievably end up. We will prepare you with the skills to score in-house interviews during phone calls. And –last but not least- we will provide you with detailed steps through the mine field of personal interviews.

We will support your efforts with:

resume coaching

  • Career Consultation
  • Interview Consultation
  • Resume Consultation
  • Resume Review and Repair
  • Optimized Resume Preparation
  • E-documents on:
    • Phone interview skills
    • Personal interview skills
    • Self-preparation of optimized resumes

We will furnish you with insightful information on how the hiring process works on the inside, which will empower you to strategize and develop your succeeding steps in the intricate process of landing your dream job.


Resume Review, Repair, Optimization & Interview Pitfalls Avoidance. Never proceed without it!

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The principles of Resume Optimization and Career Consultation are industry neutral. Candidates in all industries will benefit from our experience and expertise.

Candidates with experience in FDA-regulated Industries are invited to Register Free of Charge with Protech Pharmaboard® for No Cost Placement Assistance.

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The Resume Black Hole

Do you ever wonder why your resume so often seems to disappear into a Black Hole? You have carefully prepared it, perhaps used a resume service; your experience and education are a fit with the requirements and yet there is no response. Nothing. Not a peep.>>Read More


Interview Pitfalls

There are 1001 ways to bungle interviews. Believe us we know! It’s not only about your performance during interviews; your conduct and actions prior to and afterwards are part of the evaluation process. Consider yourself under a magnifying glass from the beginning to the end. >>Read More


Resume Optimization

Generally speaking, resumes and job descriptions are like two ships passing in the night, when in fact they should be mirror images. Resumes must pass through two different types of filters: Electronic and human, resume portals and HR departments, before they might get passed on to the hiring manager. Computers are programmed to look for matching keywords. The first task of resume optimization is, therefore, to create a set of key words that will match the keys in job descriptions. Failing that, resumes go to the Black Hole. >>Read More

We have reviewed evaluated and improved more than 100,000 resumes and coached thousands of candidates to perform successfully in interviews in a life time of professional recruiting. We know how to best optimize your resume and we know how to avoid mistakes in interviews. Take advantage of our experience and expertise.