Let the Jobs come to you!

There is a new trend in talent acquisition in which candidates who are presently not actively searching for new employment (so called “passive” candidates) are viewed as better hires than candidates who are pro-actively engaged in the job market. Some large employers have actually created talent acquisition sections which are specifically tasked with recruiting “passive” candidates.

You may disagree with this trend; however there is a tremendous opportunity to be taken advantage of for candidates who are in secure positions and either are not finding the time or lack the motivation to undergo the slough through an active search process, but who would nevertheless be open to being offered outstanding career opportunities without much effort.

The only effort that would be required is to update your old resume and send it to us for optimization. Afterwards you simply post it on various career websites, sit back and wait for the jobs to come to you, and with an optimized resume they will come… we practically guarantee it.