Career Optimization Services


Professional Career Consultations

This service was designed  for candidates who:

  • Are pursuing significant long-term goals and are actively engaged in upward career development;
  • Want to step up to the next career level;
  • Are concerned about career continuation after breaks in employment;
  • Want to achieve greater success in interviews, more and better job offers to choose from;
  • And in general achieve the wherewithal for greater financial success and job satisfaction.

The service consists of individual hands-on Phone Consultations addressing work history, career trajectory,  career breakthrough tools, interview techniques including handling of breaks in work history, age related concerns, resume review, repair and optimization techniques.

Career Optimization Service

Professional Resume Optimization

The first task of resume optimization is to align resumes with job descriptions. You too can take advantage of our experience and expertise to make it happen for you.

The service optimizes visuals and fonts; optimal length of resumes; colors & graphics; bold lettering; abbreviations & acronyms; powerful verbs & precise adjectives; properly  placing education for optimum impact; developing matching key words; how to phrase objectives; and cover letters.

We offer to do this in consultation with you. It’s a small investment that will reap rich rewards in more successful interviews and more and better job offers.

Career Optimization Service



12 Steps to Resume Self-Optimization

This guide to ‘do-it-yourself resume optimization’ addresses visuals and fonts; optimal length of resumes; colors & graphics; emphasizing & underlining; abbreviations & acronyms; powerful verbs & precise adjectives; the optimal position for education; developing matching key words; how to phrase objectives; resume tailoring – what is it and how it gets done; cover letters. It includes a sample lay-out of an optimized resume.

Career Optimization Service

What’s so special about phone interviews?

Phone interviews are the first hurdle in a lengthy process that might end with an offer for your dream job. It is the first contact with a prospective new employer and first impressions count.  Unfortunately many times candidates are not prepared for it and an uncertain performance could end your chances prematurely for a job that you otherwise are superbly qualified for. Fortunately, over 40 years of recruiting experience enables us to guide you through to success.

For example we address how to make contacting you easy; being prepared; steps to take before interviews; what to stress during interviews; the right time and place for phone interviews;  landlines vs cell phones; asking for the job; getting into the driver’s seat; leaving the right impression.

Career Optimization Service

Avoiding Pitfalls in Personal Interviews

There are 1001 ways to botch interviews. Believe us, we know! It’s not only your performance during interviews, your conduct and actions prior to and afterwards are part of the evaluation process.

We address for example: What is the purpose of the interview; what not to do during overnight stays; how to deal with employment gaps; what if you were fired from your last job; completing the application form; how to handle income requirements; how to answer hypotheticals; meetings over meals; behavior based interviews; phone interviews; things to avoid; things that spell success. By using our interview guide you can sidestep all these pitfalls and have successful interview outcomes. We practically guarantee it!

Career Optimization Service