Well, actually resumes don’t get jobs; interviews get jobs. Resumes get interviews. But not every resume gets interviews. There are a variety of reasons for this. Sometimes experience does not match the job requirements. But what if your experience is a dead-on match for the job? Why is there no invitation to an interview? The general consensus is that 75% of resumes never pass computerized filters and never make it to anybody’s desk, let along the hiring manager’s. This unfortunate outcome has to do with the lay-out and format of the resume document.

The truth is that the majority of resumes are no longer compatible with modern hiring processes. Since the 1970s there has been an explosion of office technology advances, first and foremost, of course, computerization, but resumes have not kept up. Resumes are still written in the same old way, the same old style, the same old lay-out, with the same old phrases and submitted accompanied by the same old cover letters. Today, a new approach is required. Resumes should be thought of as marketing tools; tools to market the candidate, and this requires a new way of resume creation: New lay-outs, structure, phrasing and visual presentation. RESUME MECHANICS (SM) offers a variety of services to optimize resumes, which will lead to more interviews and ultimately more and better job offers.